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Concerts and live performances:


After releasing two original EP albums, Sivan Laor was selected to present the music video from her second album "MADE ME" in the editors' choice category at the Berlin Music Video Awards 2022, and to perform at the opening ceremony as part of her first European tour. Sivan Laor brings a new, duo performance with diverse sound layers that will be created live on stage. composed by the producer and musician Galor Taite. The performance combines a captivating LIVE LOOPER with musical landscapes of indie/alternative and R&B. An experience that will take you to a mystical world of levitation and wonder.

Previous shows:

JANUARY 30, 2023  - OZEN, TLV

"The journey to the OZEN concert began already on Friday morning, a week before, when I woke up in the morning to discover that I had lost my voice. I've heard of such cases from people in the industry, but this was the first time it happened to me. To be honest, I thought it was an exaggerated cold...
On Monday (concert day) I woke up to another morning without a voice and with a virus in my stomach.  I crawled to the medicine cabinet to take whatever relevant and we headed to Tel Aviv.
On the way, we were hit by a car that scratched the side of our vehicle.

But that didn't stop me from continuing according to plan..."

POST אקוסטי - סיון לאור .png
 DECEMBER 12, 2022


Ein Gev, Israel

 DECEMBER 24, 2022


TLV, Israel

POST אקוסטי - סיון לאור .png
NOVEMBER 24, 2022

Makom Hashraa

Alonei Abba, Israel



8th of June 2022

Started with the presentation of the clip of the song MADE ME
in the Silver screening section
and an opening show for the Berlin Music Video Awards. ceremony

AUGUST 6, 2021

Coming to kibbutz HaZore'a

HaZore'a, Israel

JUNE 24, 2021

Worldwide livestream show from Tel Aviv

Salon Ben Dosa‎

Tel Aviv

JUNE 3, 2021

"MADE ME" Album Launch Show

Darma Bar


הפינה של בן (3)_edited.jpg
JULY 8, 2021

Sivan Laor at Ben's corner


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