ABOUT her :

Singer & Musician Sivan Laor Began singing in public at the age of 30, following a severe car accident that had crushed her left hand and had almost ended her life. During the eight months of intense emotional & physical rehabilitation Sivan started to compose melodies and write songs for the first time. Sivan began her musical journey at jam sessions and open stage nights at local pubs, where she started experimenting with her voice and music on stage. During the first Covid19 quarantine on March 2020, Sivan signed with the indie label: Levana Records, and started a collaboration with producer & musician: Galor Taite. They have recorded a new E.P album and Electronic live show, focusing on Sivan's unique voice and emotional depth, exploring dark electronic vibes and alien landscapes. Recently they have been working on the second album with six new songs, which will present a full range of emotions. Due to be released during the coming year.