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Sivan Laor's second album, Produced by Galor Taite - Levana Records, Released as singles during the year 2022, Containing 4 fascinating singles.

During the year 2022 She went on her second concert tour and released different versions of her songs as well as special covers of familiar songs

Sivan Laor, is a singer and songwriter, writes from her inner world with uncompromised authenticity about her whims and secrets, in a magical mixture of the sweet and bitter she reveals her complicated personality, her dissonance between a "gentle princess" and a cold blooded killer".

In 2021 she released her debut album that was produced by
Galor Taite, Levana records.

The album received great reviews from bloggers, music critics in Israel and abroad and her songs got impressive exposure in playlists around the globe.
Along with exposing the album, she has released 13 official music videos, with electronic and acoustic versions that got viral by up to 200,000 views on her Youtube channel and thousands of streams on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal.
She has performed in an electronic trio, with Galor Taite by her side on the synth, computer and guitars, and Eli Kalir on electronic drums - and have performed all over Israel in debut shows that were live streamed worldwide online, live shows on radio programs, in clubs and pubs from the Upper Galilee in the north to the Araba in the south and performed in festivals (Yearot menashe festival, Galileo,Haifa film festival etc).

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