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A little about her

SIVAN LAOR is a singer-songwriter known for her dark and alluring tunes of alternative music.
Collaborating with producer Galor Taite, who also serves as her partner on stage, Sivan Laor has honed her unique sound through countless performances and recording sessions. As a musician and performer, Sivan Laor brings a mysterious energy alongside bare honesty to everything she does, as she is, a true original.


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Made Me - Sivan LaorSivan Laor
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On a Friday evening, feeling lost and all alone,

A bottle of wine, one glass, and snacks.

I stormed out of the house, seeking solace in the night,

Drove to an isolated spot, turned off the lights, out of sight.

I put on a sad playlist to let the choking tears flow.

In that moment of despair, a realization came to me,

I should write my own anthem for moments like these.



Sivan Laor's second album produced by Galor Taite - Levana Records, released as singles during the year 2022 consists of six fascinating singles.

Performed live In the Upper Galilee Valley in the north, March 2021.



Booking & Management  : | +972-54-8091916

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